[Scribus] the right way to update local copy of CVS

David Soukal david.soukal
Tue Aug 16 22:01:56 CEST 2005


I'm sorry to bring up this question since it's not really related to 
Scribus itself, however I feel I need a clarification about the 
compilation process and its steps.

Could somebody involved, please, recapitulate what the correct steps 
after synchronizing a local copy of the source tree with the CVS server 
before compilation are?

It happened to me several times (not only with Scribus) that I updated 
the source tree and compiled the code only to find out that the program 
crashes at situations where it didn't used to do that... and the only 
help was to do "make distclean."

Is an update followed by "make && make install" OK? Is it always wrong? 
Should I recreate the ./configure file? At what times?

Thank you for answering my questions, I'm sure others will benefit too!


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