[Scribus] Clipping path

Ranjan Ghosh ghosh
Mon Aug 15 09:53:59 CEST 2005

Hi everybody!

Some of my TIFFs contain clipping paths which are not properly supported by 
Scribus. I wonder if this is a bug which I should file or a current 
limitation. I dont want to file too many unnecessary bug reports that only
cause work for scribus devs if they are closed again.
ImageMagick's identify-tool reports this clipping path:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="iso-8859-1"?>
<svg width="2318" height="870">
M 52.0001,458
L 188,88
C 188,88 1532,100 2018,84
C 2018,86 2254,460 2254,460
L 2274,512
C 2274,512 2290.39,607.997 2256.5,765.951
C 2255.25,764.697 56.4753,768.458 56.4753,768.458
C 56.4753,768.458 46.4353,772.219 45.1803,742.133
C 46.4353,742.133 31.3751,575.403 38.9052,508.963
C 38.9052,513.977 52.0001,458 52.0001,458 Z

Scribus shows only a triangle.
Is this because "C" (Curve?)-Statements are currently not supported or is 
there some other problem?

Thanks in advance for any information on this issue.

Ranjan Ghosh 
Ranjan Ghosh 
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