[Scribus] Text doesn't show up after importing oo tables

Tornóci László torlasz
Wed Aug 10 20:54:26 CEST 2005


a have followed the scribus FAQ to import an Oo table into scribus 
(print to file to get PS, use gsview to convert ps to eps, import eps to 
scribus). The ps and eps files look fine in gsview, but after importing 
eps into scribus, I see only the lines of the table, there is no text. I 
tried to convert ps to eps using ImageMagick, to set text color in Oo, 
but still get no text. I also tried to follow the steps suggested in the 
scribus wiki for eps import. The font I used for text in Oo is Nimbus 
Roman No9 L, which works well in Scribus if used directly. What am I 
doing wrong?

                                       Yours: Laszlo

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