[Scribus] SuSE 1.3 rpm problems

ray rh
Tue Aug 9 20:50:03 CEST 2005

On Tuesday 09 August 2005 17:36, Tom Jakabfy wrote:
TJ> I guess there's no one out there using the SuSE 9.3 with the Scribus 1.3
TJ> rpm.

I have Scribus 1.3.0 on SuSE 9.3 x86_64.  It is not from a downloaded rpm - I 
used the tar. I had previously used the  scribus- to 
build and install  

I have just created a 3 page .sla, saved it, re-opened it, closed Scribus, 
reloaded Scribus, and re-opened the file.  It always shows 3 pages on 

The annoyance that I had was that 1.3.0 kept wanting to migrate the 1.2 
preferences every time that it was opened, until I deleted 
the /home/username/Scribus folder.


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