[Scribus] Scribus and Mac

Andreas Vox avox
Sun Aug 7 19:14:23 CEST 2005

Elaine wrote:
> Good morning!
> I'd like to try out the pre-alpha of the OS X native version and
> downloaded and installed according to instructions yet the app doesn't
> launch. I've placed the various files where I understood they were to
> go and now I'm stumped.
> Perhaps someone who's a Mac person could advise me?

What are the last messages on you console?
Start /Applications/Utilities/Console, (try to) start Scribus and look 
what it says on Console.

If there is some message about dyld that hints at a problem with the 
installation of the frameworks/libraries.

If it crashes, choose "Bug Report ..." . It should show a large window 
with some cryptic lists. Copy the contents to Clipboard and then click 
Cancel. Send us the contents of the Clipboard.

There's also a known probelm where Scribus just shows the splash screen 
and then stops at "Looking for fonts". In this case there would be just 
some "scpaths: ..." messages and no "Font ..." messages on the console. 
Try to launch 
/Library/Frameworks/Fontconfig2.framework/Versions/A/bin/fc-list from 
Terminal and try again to launch Scribus (and tell me if that worked, 
we are still investigating that bug)

Otherwise post the last messages from Console and we'll take a look.


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