[Scribus] Scribus1.3.0 -- paragraph styles in incoming text

Christoph Schäfer christoph-schaefer
Wed Aug 3 23:03:32 CEST 2005

Hi Peter,

> The absolutely biggest problem with using LaTeX is that it is almost impossible (without A LOT of work) to create your own design. I love the way LaTeX (and LyX) handle text and markup, but I really hate when there is some part of the chosen style that I want to change... because I know it's way over my head to try to do it.

Actually, it's not so complicated. But I agree with you that it's very 
hard without a good book in hands (there are a lot of good LaTeX books 
around). In a GUI based software you can learn the use of it by trying 
and using the help. That's impossible with LaTeX. Even if you are using 
GUI based tools like Kile or TeXmacs, you need to know what to do before 
you can run them efficiently. If you want to use LyX, you have to read 
at least the introduction and the tutorial (which are both excllent, 
BTW) before you can do anything useful with it.

> If someone would write a graphical tool to create LaTex styles...

The problem is, TeX/LaTeX covers almost everything invented in the art 
of typesetting since its inception in the 15th century: books letters 
articles, slides ... . A GUI, *only* designed for creating LaTeX classes 
and styles would be at least as complex as a DTP software, I'm afraid ;)


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