[Scribus] Anyone interested in this?

Thomas Templin lists
Sat Apr 30 23:21:13 CEST 2005

On Saturday 30 April 2005 18:53, Paul wrote:
> Hi,
> I've been reading up on the documentation about creating a live
> distro CD and have been mulling the following over.
> FC4 based, one is DTP/WP based (with email and web) and includes
> OOo2 and Scribus. The other is developer based with gcc, scribus,
> scribus-devel, Mono and a few other bits.
> These are just plans - nothing concrete. Anyone got any comments?

There are another arguments for a Scribus / DTP live CD.

- The demand for DTP centric solutions based upon free software is
  getting bigger and bigger. So I would assume there are a lot of
  people who would be interested in such a cd.

  A lot of Apple users become aware of GNU/Linux solutions ported to
  MacOS and so there will be a biger chance than some years ago
  to get a foot on deck amongst Apple users.

- Such live cd's are always a good way to ask for donation if you
  are on a booth. It can be used to get at least enough money
  donated to pay the bill(s) for those who are promoting scribus at
  trade shows and GNU/Linux events.

  In Europe, Germany you will earn 5,-EUR for such a CD, if you ask
  in a polite and friendly / convincing way.
  We are doing so for the german skolelinux team and whithout this
  we nevver would be able to allow 20 people manning a skolelinux
  classroom at LinuxTag Chemnitz and other events.

- Offering live cd's is one of the best ways to spread free software
  in certain fields where people aren't aware that there exist
  applications. It's proof of solution, eyecatcher and promotion
  tool all at once.

But I would suggest a knoppix based live cd.

- You will find much more people who are familiar in building
  Knoppix based live cds than others like RH FC4 Live.

- Knoppix >= Version 3.8 comes along with unionfs which allows to
  add applications during a live session. 


And last but not least such a live CD would be a good way to help 
Franz promoting Scribus and having a chance to reduce his bill on 
so many events here in Germany.

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