[Scribus] (no subject)

Andreas Vox avox
Sat Apr 30 01:21:11 CEST 2005

Asif wrote:

> Are you aware of any font-query tools that tell whether a font is, or  
> is
> not, embeddable?

fontforge does: Elements->Fontinfo->TTF Values

>  I wonder what the behavior of non-embeddable fonts, or
> Scribus, would be if I did try to embed such a font.


Describes the recommended (by Adobe) behaviour of 3rd party apps and
of Adobe's own apps.

> Yes, what is the
> Scribus' behavior with such [non-embeddable] fonts?

Scribus currently ignores this flag. In the future scribus might  
display its
value and give warnings in certain cases, but I don't think it will ever
enforce it.
Note that licence for embedding is a legal issue, not a technical one.
In some countries it might be perfectly legal to embed fonts for  
internal use,
even if the licence tries to deny it.
Also, just because the flag isn't set doesn't mean you are allowed to  
and distribute the fonts.

>  In addition, though I
> haven't yet tried, What is the status of adobe fonts that come bundled  
> with
> the Acrobat reader for Windows? Can those fonts be embedded?

The standard 14 shouldn't be embedded because they have to be present
on all systems according to PDF specs.


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