[Scribus] rotation point

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Apr 29 11:51:49 CEST 2005

On Sat, 2005-04-30 at 06:21 +1000, Dean McCorquodale wrote:
> Can anyone tell me the command in scripter to change the rotation point
> of an object? Thanks

As far as I know there isn't one yet, and it hasn't been added to the
pageitem properties in 1.3 either.

It looks like it's set by Mpalette::NewRotMode(...) in mpalette.cpp (at
least in 1.3). It doesn't look like it does anything as friendly as just
asking the PageItem to set its centre of rotation to one of its vertices
though, plus it has a big special case for groups, so it's probably not
something that can just be whipped up in 5 minutes.

Craig Ringer

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