[Scribus] Re: Cannot print or export PDF in 1.3cvs

Dave Spagnol davecs
Thu Apr 28 22:37:33 CEST 2005

Just to say that I tried to print a new document consisting of a Single Text Frame with the words "A little text box" in it. I just get an error dialogue saying "Printing Failed!". If I attempt to write a PDF file, I get an error that the file name I attempted to write, could not be written.

1.2.2cvs works just fine.

I have to admit I cannot print from Firefox either. I know that Scribus is a Qt and not a KDE product. I could not print correctly from OpenOffice 1.9.xx prior to 1.9.91. So my problems possible go a bit deeper.

BTW 1.3cvs does attempt to run /usr/bin/gs, so I don't know what the problem is!

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