[Scribus] exchange data between Quark, InDesign, etc

pilus pilus
Thu Apr 28 16:27:03 CEST 2005

Dear all,

I understand the dificulties discribed in the FAQ's concerning
exchanging documents in a propriate format. Bust there must be another
solution via another format type? So is there any possiblility saving /
export a Document from Quark in any format so that Scribus is able
working with it? As I understand Scribus can import .eps, fut then I can
not make any changings like text etc. Or is there any Program working
with Linux that can exchange data to non-linux standard application (and
still able modulating these docs)? Alternatively is there any program on
Linux that is able modulating pdf's? So at least I would be able to make
some text-changings in a pdf-file.

Reason: I do not want to pay every week for an agency just mecause I
need some little text-changings in my flyer. I use SuSe Linux 9.3

Best regards and thank you for any help / solutions


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