[Scribus] Text frame indent problem

Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Thu Apr 28 06:25:19 CEST 2005

>Just ran into this problem:
>I have a text frame with left first line indent set in paragraph style.
>When I create a rectangle and set "text flows around frame," then overlap this
>rectangle onto the text frame, the text in the frame all move right but the
>first line indents disappear. How do I keep the indents? This also occurs
>with overlapping image and text frames.

Hi Wayne,

I ran into the same problem.
AFAIK it is not solved yet. Not sure about 1.2.2 cvs. Have to check.

The quickest workaround is to duplicate the corresponding stylesheet 
and increase the indent value. Then, apply that style to the 
paragraph in cause.

For some reason, Scribus still calculates the indent from the left 
side of the text frame although the rest of the text is correctly 
pushed away by the overlapping object. So, simply increasing the 
value of the indent does the trick.

Not super-efficient, but it works. :)



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