[Scribus] Re: Picture and text frame problems

Deb and Peter Zweck debandpete
Mon Apr 25 13:17:47 CEST 2005

Thanks Louis and Craig, I'm up against deadline and haven't had time to 
research the bugtracker and list archives. Allow me to ask a couple more 
silly questions.....Is 1.2.2 backwardly compatible with the stuff  I've 
already done in 1.2.1?
And has anybody ever made RPMs of any 1.2.2 versions....I've never used 
CVS and don't know if I'll have the time to do a compile or if my 
current Mandrake has all the required libraries.
Thanks for the scrapbook hint...didn't quite know how to use it before :-)

> I would suggest you update to 1.2.2 cvs if possible. These are known 
> issues and afaik have been solved.
> As a very quick workaround and if updating is not possible at the 
> moment, you can try the following:
> 1. Picture: try "Update picture" from the contextual menu 
> (right-click). You should see your pic reappear at the desired 
> coordinates. Pixelization will go away as well (unless you are missing 
> resolution which is another issue).
> 2. Text frame: try not moving it by drag'n drop but use copy/paste 
> instead and make sure of where you are when you paste. Another way is 
> by using the Scrapbook (select the frame then right-click to select 
> "Put in the Scrapbook").
> Louis

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