[Scribus] Re: Editing PDFs

Howard White howardwhite
Sun Apr 24 14:08:19 CEST 2005

>when i create a doc and export it to pdf format, can someone with a full
>version of, say, adobe edit the pdf? is there something i need to do in
>oder for this to be allowed?
>thanks everyone
>jack wallen, jr
>Good question. So I added an FAQ:

To which I would only add:
The ability to create notes in a PDF  is intended to allow 
collaborative workflow. With notes,  you can add annotations at 
specific points in a document,  suggesting changes, challenging 
assertions, etc. The next reader can further edit and refine them and 
send them back or forward.

Until now, this has only been possible if all participants used full 
versions of Adobe Acrobat. Adobe has now announced that in V 7, 
Acrobat Pro can create PDFs  that can be annotated by Acro Reader 7. 
This is a welcome addition, and will no doubt show up in future 
versions of Scribus PDF Export.


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