[Scribus] Editing PDF's

Daniele kailed
Sun Apr 24 12:56:08 CEST 2005

Il 05:18, domenica 24 aprile 2005, Kevin Walzer scrisse:
> A related question to the thread today about editing PDF's produced
> by Scribus:
> Anyone know of any FOSS tools that can actually edit PDF files, in a
> way analogous to Adobe Professional, i.e. "touch-up text," add/delete
> pages, etc? I actually have need for this in my publishing business,
> especially with Adobe approaching Microsoftian (or should that be
> Macromediastic?) proportions. I'm aware of pdftk, but it doesn't
> allow for editing of text, though a few of its functions (moving
> pages, etc.) look interesting.
I think that there are only two half solution for this job (on Linux):
1) wine + Acrobat
2) kword
Kword can import pdf and works well with simple pdf.

For now, a FOSS and professional tool is missing..
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