[Scribus] speed problem once more

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Apr 22 05:46:56 CEST 2005

On Thu, 2005-04-21 at 17:04 -0400, Marvin Dickens wrote:
> Strip the scribus binary and things will speed up some. The
> trade off is no debugging info in the event of a problem. 

That's interesting. My understanding was that stripping binaries didn't
gain you much, if anything. Some quick research suggests that some
extremely CPU intensive apps gain as much as 4% when stripped. That's
about 1/10 of a second in a two-second operation, which I doubt would
generally even be noticed.

Until a few days ago, non-debug builds were stripped by default during
build. That is still true in 1.2.2cvs, but 1.3 no longer strips during
build (this was causing problems on MacOS/X). If you want to install
stripped binaries, use "make install-strip" instead of "make install".

If you're using 1.3, please build with --enable-debug and don't strip
the binary. Othewise the debugging information is useless.

> FWIW, Pagemake is stripped (For other reasons).

Yes, I imagine they want to make it as hard as possible to reverse
engineer and delve around in the internals of. It also makes it harder
to tamper with the binary to work around copy protection etc, though it
seems people always do it anyway.

Craig Ringer

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