[Scribus] speed problem once more

Craig Ringer craig
Tue Apr 19 04:41:54 CEST 2005

On Mon, 2005-04-18 at 15:38 -0700, frank gaude' wrote:
> kuba wrote:
> >
> >ps. i also tried fedora yesterday and it's the same. please, tell me that it 
> >is not just how this program works...
> >
> Scribus is robust, fast, even with 1000 fonts installed.

Well, depending on what you're doing - some workloads seem very snappy,
others people have performance issues with. It can sometimes use a lot
of memory and/or spend a lot of time redrawing, or can be very
lightweight and fast.

> You say PageMaker in Windows is fast on your same machine?
> and Scribus is slow in screen writes?

>From the versions of PageMaker I remember using, I can believe that. Its
performance was IMO one of its main attractions, and it was quite
practical to write in it as well as use it for layout (somewhat like
FrameMaker in that regard, really). I remember it being snappy on a
66MHz 601 with 32MB RAM.

On the flip side, the versions I used achieved that partly by displaying
terrible "screen previews" of graphics, or just greyed out placeholders,
and doing rather quick'n'dirty font rendering.

Craig Ringer

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