[Scribus] GPL and fonts -- separating FUD from facts

Craig Bradney cbradney
Mon Apr 18 21:19:39 CEST 2005

To summarise even further, in my one and only reply re this one, 
this is NOT a Scribus issue. AFAICT, the issue applies to ANY user that uses a 
GPL font using ANY application, be that Scribus, OpenOffice.org, or perhaps 
the various Adobe or Quark or Microsoft etc products on the market be that 
F/OSS or commercial.

Please, for those that do not understand the arguments but are worried about 
the implications, there is no need to consider this an issue that relates 
solely to Scribus as it applies to all uses of the fonts.

The Scribus package contains no fonts, does not rely on any particular fonts 
to be installed for use, and as a distributed program by the team in its 
version by version package and CVS form, will never include any.

Scribus Team
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