[Scribus] Re: GPLed fonts

Deb and Peter Zweck debandpete
Mon Apr 18 00:34:58 CEST 2005

I think we need to make a distinction between font software and the font 
character on the page.

The character on the page(or screen) is a product of the font software, 
and is not software in itself, and is no more a derivitive work than a 
Scribus document is a derivitive work of the Scribus software. Even if a 
font is embedded in a PDF it is still simply part of the software 
responsible for rendering a document. Surely the GPL would apply to the 
font software itself not the font character as it appears on a page. If 
you created a new font (as in the software) from the GPL font, then that 
new font would be subject to the GPL.

If you do consider a document using a GPL font is a derivitive work of 
that font then I believe you would have to look at all documents 
produced by Scribus or any other GPLed word/text processor, or any image 
produced with Gimp or Inkscape etc being a derivitive work. Wouldn't you?


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