[Scribus] font management

frank gaude' tanzen
Sun Apr 17 20:36:44 CEST 2005

Marvin Dickens wrote:

>Unless the document is a text document (ie yourdoc.txt), the font is
>embedded into the document and is part of the document. Much like
>stdio.h (A common header file in C) is used in c source files and therefore,
>the resulting binary. Because the gpl is viral in it's design (which is a good 
>thing), embedded fonts infect whatever document they are embedded into
>with the GPL. 
>This *exact* issue also plagues the gEDA project (Electronic design). The
>use of gpl'ed symbols and footprints makes any electronic design that uses
>them subject to the gpl. So, in this case, users of gEDA design and share
>their footprints and symbols under a "Free for use regardless of application" 
>license. However, expecting users of fonts to design really good fonts 
>because of this issue is crazy. So, IMHO, the gpl is going to have change 
>regarding font licensing.
Let's say I layout a masterpiece of graphic design and use commercial 
fonts in it. I sell the printed-out design to a buyer. Does GPL apply? 
In the material world it seems there is always a point at which black 
and white turn into gray, eh?

Seems no one has to design any fonts especially for Linux. Fonts, TTF, 
OTF, PS, are all here already. Would a typographer wish to design a font 
exclusively for an operating system? Don't think so.


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