[Scribus] font management

Bart Alberti bart
Sun Apr 17 04:19:25 CEST 2005

I applaud this thread. I have used the links on the site to download e.g.
Manfred klien's fonts (many, not all); but the recommended Corel Draw (Bit
stream really) are NOT (?) available as they are copyright. Yes/no? Ditto,
the adobe and monotype; these latter are supposed to be in star office, and
I have Star Office 5.2 but that has apparently knocked off fonts (e.g.
'Helmet' whose internals cite macro media fontographer with a copyright
notice form Sun ) and also Lucida series but no Mono type. If Scribus is to
come with its own fonts, where, pray tell, do you expect to get them? I, too
would like them separate from system fonts: but I wrote in just last month
or so to say that I could not print because ghostscript threw an error
message and Peter Linnell told me that was because it could not find the
fonts as installed in the system but Scribus took them from my private
~/.fonts folder.
They MUST be a better way of handling 'bad' fonts besides crashing out with
signal #11. I have discussed this too, in prior posting.
Warm regards, the contributions are lively and illuminating.

P.S. I am NOT subscribing to anybody's survey for their private purposes
(even if they have 'credentials').

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