[Scribus] CMYK tif in 1.3.0 not exported properly

Craig Ringer craig
Thu Apr 14 05:25:13 CEST 2005

mail at ejobs.de wrote:

>I imbedded RGB pictures into my document but they didn't show up in the
>correct colors at the print shop (being a bit greenish which seems to
>be the case for pictures not correctly converted to the correct CMYK).
>This may be my fault and is not the reason for this Email.
If, as mentioned below, you were exporting to PDF/X-3, that seems 
strange. I know too little about colour management to have any real 
idea, but I assume the images are being tagged being in your RGB working 
colour space (ie monitor profile) by Scribus when they're exported. If 
so it seems odd that they'd get converted to a tinted CMYK image at the RIP.

Have you confirmed that your print shop actually wants PDF/X-3 and knows 
how to handle it? Unless you specifically know they want PDF/X-3, you're 
probably better off giving them a standard CMYK PDF.

>Because I was under pressure, I tried to embed CMYK images created in
>Photoshop/Mac. They showed up correctly in Scribus, but when I exported
>to PDF-X/3 only the K-component survived.
Given that PDF/X-3 is tagged RGB, there's probably not much point doing 
CMYK images in Photoshop. I'd be inclined to preview as CMYK with the 
output color space of your printer set up as your CMYK profile, but work 
in RGB. Photoshop's ability to do this is nothing short of fantastic.

Craig Ringer

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