[Scribus] Re: Unicode Text Samples Sought

Andreas Vox vox
Tue Apr 12 15:37:27 CEST 2005

Peter wrote:
> We are working on font and unicode improvement, along with Andreas
> Vox's work on more freetype enhancements.

That should read Scribus enhancements based on freetype :-)

> One thing which would be very helpful is to have some sample texts in
> non-Latin scripts and languages. Either a plain UTF-8 text file or in
> a scribus.sla file is suitable.

Also it would be nice if people tested the morefonts patch with their
fonts. The critical operations are:
- if Scribus recognizes the font
- if Scribus displays the font
- if scribus embeds the font in PDF (without subsetting)
- speed issues, especially with 'insert special char'

New features:
- recognizes *.dfont and resource forks on Mac
- recognizes TrueType collections and font suitcases

Does anyone have CID-Fonts or hqx/bin encoded fonts? Please contact
me (avox at arcor. de) so I can test support for those.

Also report any fonts which are reported broken by Scribus but work in 
other apps.


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