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Gregory Pittman gpittman
Mon Apr 11 18:51:54 CEST 2005

Carol Kankelborg wrote:

> In my few years subscribed to this list I have
> seen numerous posts in German and other non-english languages
> and have never seen a complaint about them. They are ignored
> by those who don't speak the language and answered by those
> who do. So I was surprised to see this reply.

I don't think there have been "complaints" as such, but to be generous, 
"requests" that questions be posed in English.  Now, having said that, 
there have been comments, by people such as Louis Desjardins, that if 
someone is quite uncomfortable with their English skills, we should be 
able to accommodate them.  Indeed, we periodically have episodic German 
and Brazilian Portuguese posts which manage to get answered/translated 
as needed.

In general, one gets in touch with more Scribus-team minds by posting in 
English as a practical fact. That is perhaps the best argument for 
posting in English.


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