[Scribus] Phantom-Frame

PLinnell mrdocs
Mon Apr 11 16:48:27 CEST 2005

On Monday 11 April 2005 15:14, Jan Ulrich Hasecke wrote:
> Hi,
> after the sucessful thread about phantom-fonts I want to start a
> new one about phantom frames. ;-)
> I've made a flyer with scribus  1.2.1+cvs20050327-1. The man from
> the print shop told me that there is an additional text frame in
> the resulting pdf, which I could not discover in any available
> pdfviewer.
> He uses an Acrobat Plug-In with the name "Pitstop Pro" from
> http://www.enfocus.com/index.php . With this plugin he could see,
> select and delete the phantom frame.
> In the file there is a textframe with white text on a blue
> background. While working on the file I tried blue text on white
> background, but it was nicer vice versa. So I _had_ made a
> textframe with blue color but I thought I had deleted it and I
> cannot find it in the scribus file. Somehow the frame is not really
> deleted but somewhere in the file. It was discovered in the
> pdf-file only because I wrongly set the blue background to 60%, so
> the man at the print shop saw two textframes:
> - the good white text on 60% blue background and
> - the phantom 100% blue text on 60% blue background.
> I could not see it nowhere!
> If one of the pdf-gurus want to have a look at the file, I can send
> an url by PM to downlod it.
> Jan Ulrich Hasecke

Hi all,

Its fixed, but I wanted to reply to the list as there are couple of 
useful things to come from this:

1) PitStop is a professional pre-press tool for inspecting PDF's 
before printing. It is an Acrobat plug-in, which can look at all the 
low level objects in a PDF. Generally, it is extremely reliable in 
finding potential issues with PDF. 

If a printer says they are warnings, do not be surprised. It is very 
very fussy and will flag things which *might* be an issue. I've used 
it a lot with all kinds of DTP applications. They *all* get warnings.

Overall, you can trust any serious error reports from a PitStop report 
as something to investigate. If you cannot resolve them, post here 
like Jan did. We take 'print-worthiness' pretty seriously. 

There is a bug in Acrobat 5 on Windows + PitStop which will give fatal 
errors with Scribus PDF's. V 6 Acrobat reads them flawlessly. I am 
very certain this is an Acrobat 5 + Pitstop bug. I've used PitStop, 
throughout the development of Scribus and its been invaluable.

2) Finding the 'phantom' frames was trivial and probably caused by a 
crash or some other issue. Here is how I did it:

Open the Outline tool in the tools menu and expand the crosses. 
Examine every object for negative or unrealistic measurements. In 
this case there were two frames and a linked image set to -500.00 mm 
from the page margin.

As you cannot directly select them, click on them in the outline tool, 
then adjust the properties to be something sane like X1 Y1.. Then you 
can delete the unwanted stuff.

Hope that helps.. and this will get added to the docs soon.


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