[Scribus] Re: what to do about the color palette?

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Sun Apr 10 16:20:19 CEST 2005

Joe Richards wrote:

> I'm used to working in documents that have 3-5 colors. With a list 
> that short, the actual color arrangement in the list is of little 
> consequence.  As a matter of habit, I always remove all unused colors, 
> especially before sending a job to press-assuming I'm sending native 
> files.
> The color palette in 1.2.1 functions in a way that I find very useful. 
> I can remove all unused colors, then go back and add a new one.  The 
> color picker allows me to select from the different color sets (X11, 
> Gnome, SVG).

This sounds like a job for the wiki -- I'm not sure I'm using features 
to their best advantage.  Probably most of us only use a few colors in 
any given document, but I fear that if I get rid of unused colors too 
soon I won't figure out how to get access to the big list again.  I see 
the "Append" button in the color editor, but that just brings up a file 
requestor -- what am I supposed to do with that?


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