[Scribus] Typography symbols ?

Steve Jacobs steve
Fri Apr 8 17:42:02 CEST 2005

frank gaude' wrote:

> Hello, Jim!
> There is one way, using the menu Xtras/Insert Specials. You have your 
> cursor in the text file first. Then when you click on Insert Specials 
> the entire font set shows. You then click on the glyth you wish to 
> insert into the text at your cursor. Hope this is clear.
> James Hatridge wrote:
>> Hi all...
>> Is it possible to use typography symbols in Scribus? I'm looking for 
>> what Publisher calls "smart quotes". How (or where) do I find them?
>> Thanks
>> JIM

You can also hit F12, then type the 4-digit code for the character you want:

201c = beginning double quotation mark
201d = ending double quotation mark
2018 = beginning single quotation mark
2018 = ending single quotation mark/apostrophe

I use Gucharmap to find the codes.

A couple of others in constant use here are:

2022 = bullet
2014 = em-dash




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