[Scribus] Bad title alignment

José Antonio Meira da Rocha joseantoniorocha
Wed Apr 6 18:10:58 CEST 2005

Franz Schmid escreveu:

> Jos? Antonio Meira da Rocha wrote:
>> I ever get this bad title aligment to the baseline, in Scribus 1.2 or 
>> 1.3:
>> http://meiradarocha.jor.br/uploads/images/582/title-misalign-in-scribus.jpg 
>> This is a bug already reported or any bad configuration?
> Most likely you are using a paragraph style for the Size 10pt line,
> are you sure that there is no indentation set?

I'm using paragraph style, 48/48pt, 36/36pt etc, as showing in dialog:


The cursor at beginning of line inherit the line space of above paragraph:


But the cursor at any other point in the paragraph looks at correct line 


All paragraph are formated with paragraph style:


I'm using Kurumin Linux, an updated brazilian flavour of Knoppix. This 
occurs with all fonts, ttf or t1.

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