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Louis Desjardins louisdesjardins
Wed Apr 6 04:25:12 CEST 2005

>Hi Louis,
>thanks for your advice. A little googling brought up this link:
>As it seems, there's no difference in English between 
>mathematical/business style and typographic style.

Hi Christoph,

It's always a pleasure if I can help a bit. I refered to the Chicago 
Manual of Style because I understood you needed an independent and 
reliable source to help settle the case with your client. Giving you 
the answer I thought was right could not provide necessarily the 
"authority" your client asks for. (After all, who am I? And where 
does the info come from?). It often gets to the point, where a voice 
equals the voice of one other... so there is a need for a third and 
"authorized" voice to settle the case. Here comes the Chicago Manual 
of Style. It's like a dictionary.

As for mathematical/business/typographic style, simply put, 
typography being the ultimate descriptive way of putting written 
ideas on paper, it's no surprise the rules of each are converging. 
Only, it might get to the point when you're going to need special 
spacing, non-breakable spaces, non-breakable hyphens (yes, that 
exists) or any other refinement only typography brings to us.

All that said, not forgotting to thank you for your reply. It's appreciated. :)


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