[Scribus] Docbook XML import

Riku Leino riku
Tue Apr 5 02:54:25 CEST 2005

Phil Hughes kirjoitti viestiss??n (l?hetysaika Monday 04 April 2005 20:44):
> This will be a production situation, TUX will be monthly starting in
> May and it is also the way we do Linux Journal so getting rid of the
> Open Office step would be a real plus. We have been using the same
>  vi with key maps -> Docbook XML
> sequence for a while now. We wrote the other tools to product Quark,
> HTML, ... so I am not scared to tackle this as a programming project.

There's a new file format coming for 1.3.x at some point and for that we will 
need to write a new file loader for what I've planned to write a universal 
easy to use api to build custom file importers as well (will also include an 
exporter api). This is pretty much the next step from the Get Text 
implementation that is already in use but will extend the behaviour to page 
creation, object placement and all that is involved in creating a document.

> My Scribus knowledge, however, is on the low end. So, what is the most
> logical approach would be the biggest help. Early on, it felt like
> doing this in two pieces made the most sense.
>  1. Clean up the Docbook XML getting rid of all the stuff that we
>     don't need.
>  2. Write import filters for the paragraph types.

Currently the best way would probably be exactly this until the new file 
loader api is available. To make it fully automatic one will need to create 
text frames needed  and then use all those gt* classes to do the formatted 
text importing. This is best implemented with a custom made c++ plugin. I'm 
not sure how up there the scripter is for that. You'll need to wait for an 
answer from the scripter guys.

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