[Scribus] printing canon printers

Brian Delaney halfhand
Sun Apr 3 01:32:04 CEST 2005

   Just thought I'd put in my 10c worth. I gave up on Canon some years 
ago ( both for windows and Linux printing ) as there inkjets were prone 
to paper jams and their lasers seemed to have networking problems. I 
have been using Epson and HP Inkjets ever since with hardly any problems 
( they just work ) I currently have an HP PSC1210 3n1 inkjet and a 
kyocera FS680 laser , both are networked and both print perfectly. The 4 
workstations on my home network run Xandros, Mephis, win98 and Kubuntu.

 My personal feeling is that users should vote with their feet, if Canon 
dosn't want to support Linux then Linux users shouldn't buy Canon 
products. After a while perhaps Canon will get the message and help the 
open source community. ( I see even Lexmark printers are now released 
with linux drivers, well according to the box anyway :-) )


Frank Gaude' wrote:

> Hello, Peter!
> Yes, I'm sure some Linux companies have paid some hardware companies 
> to gain knowledge of their items. I guess this is what free enterprise 
> is all about.
> When you think of the high-end graphics programs, you know the ones I 
> mean, you can see what refined software cost in our marketplace.
> When I think of where the desktop market was in 1980 compared to now, 
> wow! We have seen lots of changes with players coming and going, 
> especially in the Unix market, with CP/M, Atari, and others dropping 
> by the way side. Microsoft has got to take the cake for capturing such 
> a large market share, coming from their start in 1978 with MSBASIC. 
> <grin>
> I'm sure as time goes on and Linux getting more users on the desktop, 
> especially in graphics, companies like Canon, Adobe, and many of the 
> rest will come around to finding it in their financial interest to 
> support fully the open source OS and its many distributions.
> Thanks for the search suggestion, Peter.
> Regards,
> Frank
> From: "Peter Nermander" <m8130 at abc.se>
>>> From what I've seen companies
>>> that are marketing to prime time businesses and individuals, e.g., 
>>> Linare,
>>> Linspire, Xandros, seem to have a better time with the drivers than the
>>> others.
>> It's not a matter of spending time, it's a matter of spending money.
>> Supporting any piece of hardware means you need to know how the 
>> hardware works.
>> You need to know commands, how data shall be formated etc. The only 
>> one who can
>> tell you that is the hardware manufacturer. And if the won't tell you 
>> for free
>> you have to pay them for the information.
>> Do a search for "open hardware" and you'll get some informative reading.
>> /Peter
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