[Scribus] Newbie: Preferences dialog greyed out

Craig Bradney cbradney
Sat Apr 2 22:01:44 CEST 2005

On Saturday 02 April 2005 21:56, Haines Brown wrote:
> I've been anxiously awaiting for months to start with Scribus, and
> new fall flat on my face right at the beginning.
> I'm running Debian Sarge, and installed Scribus 1.2.1 from the .deb
> testing package.
> Following the tutorial, I open a new document, and a New Document
> dialog appears. When it is dismissed, a new blank page is displayed,
> showing the margins I had set for the page. To create a frame, I go to
> Tools-->Properties to bring up the Properties dialog. It pops up, but
> it is greyed out.
> I must have missed something obvious.
> I tried searching on
> http://search.gmane.org/search.php?query=&group=gmane.comp.graphics.scribus
> without luck. I find my news server does not recognize the
> gmane.comp.graphics.scribus newsgroup.
> Haines Brown

Select the text frame tool from the tools toolbar and draw your frame. When 
this is selected, the properties palette will be usable.

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