[Scribus] printing canon printers

BandiPat magicpage91
Sat Apr 2 04:23:47 CEST 2005

Bart Alberti wrote:
> Regrettably my Canon BJ-200 printer (using Berkeley lpd) gave up after I
> changed the A4 paper size, since it was clipping the bottom lines, to
> 'letter.' Then I got a Canon ip1500 photo printer for $49 (!) and that won't
> print in SuSE 9.2 even though CUPS and YAST automatically recognize it and
> they say it is 'ready.'
> Printing in LINUX is not easy at all. I do not care how brilliant our coders
> in 'C' are. If the product cannot be delivered to the user easily it is NO
> GOOD. I say this as a user and friend of Linux. I am sending this message
> from my Win doze box which I was about to junk!
> CUPS uses, it seems, ghost script for non post script printers and that is
> always a notch or two behind for all the distributions.
> Bart Alberti

You are very quick to jump on Linux for all your little problems, aren't 
you?  When the actual problem always points back to you, the short 
between the keyboard and chair.  ;o)

Are you so blinded by Canon products that nothing else even entered your 
mind, before purchasing another one?  Canon, in no way, gives Linux any 
support for any of their products.  Ask many people and they'll tell you 
not to buy a Canon printer, because of the lack of supported drivers! 
Look, before you leap my man, check the Linux printing site for 
supported printers.  I think you'll find that most HP or Epson printers 
are well supported and those companies support Linux!

Choose compatible hardware and you'll be rewarded with well behaving 
products and plenty of Linux support.  It's up to you to choose wisely. 
  Don't blame Linux for your shortcomings, because Linux and it's 
programs are not to blame for things not working in your setup.

You said it pretty well with your one sentence:  "If the product cannot 
be delivered to the user easily it is NO GOOD."  Also, would you like a 
bit of cheese with your whine?  :o)


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