[Scribus] Docbook XML import

Phil Hughes fyl
Fri Apr 1 19:18:41 CEST 2005

When we were first starting TUX magazine I mentioned the idea of
importing our XML-tagged files into Scribus so we could use it for
layout. (We currently use Quark and converting the Docbook XML to
Quark format is one of the many filters we have.)

Well, TUX issue 1 is out there done with Quark but we want to get it
into Scribus as soon as possible. I am including below a "chunk" of
the markup we have. That is, I deleted the unimportant stuff and tried
to only include one of each type of thing. There are more but this
gives the basic idea.

What I am looking for are suggestions on the best approach. That is,
we can do a lot of work with XSLT like we do for the other formats, do
a lot of work with a Scribus script or a combination. I am guessing a
combination is actually the right answer.

Whatever we do should get Docbook XML import close to a reality for
Scribus. I have added some comments in [ ] below. Thanks for any suggestions.


<firstname>Xavier</firstname> <surname>Spriet</surname>
[There is potentially more in this section. The main thing is that it
needs to be moved to the end of the article. Probably something for
pre-processing before a Scribus filter sees the article.]

<remark role="no-drop-cap"/>
eBay is a popular auction portal that lets
visitors search for used or new products at a
reduced price and bid on those items. 

What in the world is a snipe, you ask?
Sniping is an efficient way to tell Bidwatcher to
place a bid on a particular item a few seconds
before the auction expires.

<imageobject><imagedata fileref="7947bidf1.png" format="PNG"/></imageobject>
[This tag creates instructions to the layout person (message in red)
in Quark. Nothing automatic here.]
Bidwatcher Tracking Several eBay Auctions


About Bidwatcher:</title>

License: GNU General Public License (GPL)

Price: Free

Home Page: <ulink url="http://http://bidwatcher.sf.net"/>


Phil Hughes, fyl at a42.com  Phone: 505-713-5675
Aptdo. Postal 201, Esteli, Esteli, NICARAGUA 

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