[Scribus] Going cold Turkey.....

Craig Bradney cbradney
Tue Sep 28 20:14:10 CEST 2004

On Tuesday 28 September 2004 18:48, Chris Smith wrote:
> On Tuesday 28 September 2004 12:01 pm, Jim Hatridge wrote:
> > A question! <G> When I add a picture, is there anyway I can center it
> > inside the box? Right now, it always goes to the upper left corner.
> You can manually move it (sorry if I'm stating the obvious), by selecting
> the picture and dragging it or via the image properties X-Pos/Y-Pos values.
> Although a bit of a pain to calculate the exact center.
> I think having something like the Basepoint diagram seen on the X,Y,Z tab
> of the properties box on the Image tab as well to automagically affect
> picture placement within the frame would be really sweet (and seems
> genuinely needed if it isn't handled some other way already).

Yes, thats a good idea Chris! 

If you are trying to get an area of blank space around your image frame 
though, what you should be using is the Contour Line.

Set this on the Properties Palette, Shape tab. Text Flows Around Frame, and 
Use Contour Line. Then Edit the shape, select Edit Contour Line, and then if 
all you want is a larger area than the frame, set your % growth over the 
current size and hit the enlarge button.


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