[Scribus] Going cold Turkey.....

Jim Hatridge hatridge
Tue Sep 28 18:01:32 CEST 2004

Hi all....

I've been on this list for a few months, but could not use Scribus because my 
system was not fast enough. But I was able to trade around and get an 800mhz 
system with allot of memory. So now Scribus works quite well. I'm using SuSE 
9.1 with the version of Scribus that came with 9.1.

Anyway, I've used M$ Publisher since 1990 for my stamp newsletter the "WartHog 
Bulletin". I've written 102 issues of my newsletter, all but 6 on Publisher. 
But #103 will be done on Scribus, I decided that the only way to switch is to 
go "cold turkey". So I blew away Publisher, in fact I don't even have windows 
on my system anymore. Now I must use Scribus to get the WHB done. 

The WHB is a 20 page, A5 newsletter published in English quarterly with news 
about German new stamps, news about the German Post, and German stamp 
history. I have readers in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, Japan, and PR 

A question! <G> When I add a picture, is there anyway I can center it inside 
the box? Right now, it always goes to the upper left corner. 


Jim Hatridge
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		Viel Feind -- Viel Ehr'
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