[Scribus] Make Error

Tom2 tjakabfy
Tue Sep 28 03:57:18 CEST 2004

Riku Leino (Tsoots) wrote:

> Tom2 wrote:
>> Hi there:
>> I have successfully used CVS for 6 months using Mandrake 9.2. My last 
>> make was in Aug. just before 1.2. I had no problems installing 
>> Scribus 1.2 when it was released.
>> Today I had errors. First there was an error requiring 
>> "libxml2.2.6".  I downloaded the library and installed it.
> Try installing alos devel package for libxml2.2.6 and try again. Looks 
> like it's not finding header files for the lib.
OK, did this and Scribus did recompile.
However, now Gnome will NOT fire-up. Apparently, Gnome gets trashed by 

I prefer to work in Gnome on Mandrake 9.2 since it has active hot-keys 
which KDE does NOT.

Any suggestions  on how to have my pie(Scribus) and eat it(Gnome) too???


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