[Scribus] Re: Scribus Nachrichtensammlung, Band 19, Eintrag 48

Martin W. Diers martin
Mon Sep 27 23:55:37 CEST 2004

>Err.. ok, so you havent updated CVS for awhile then, or just not used the 
>editor. There are copy paste issues, but most of them, if not all should be 
>sorted out now. Please confirm exactly which ones you still find.
Correct. It has been a couple of months since I updated from CVS. As to 
the clipboard issue, it appears to truly be caused by KDE 3.3, and not 
Scribus. 3.3 is doing some strange things with the clipboard, such as 
placing items you highlight on the clipboard (even when you tell it not 
to). This was very frustrating at first because when I would highlight a 
paragraph in Scribus, and then try to replace it with Paste, I would get 
the original paragraph.

Also 3.3 keeps track of multiple "cuts" and "copies". I would repeatedly 
get only a portion of what I copied when I pasted it into Scribus. 
Sometimes I would get something I copied a few "copies" ago. When I was 
trying to track down the source of these problems, I noticed that I was 
experiencing them even when I tried to paste into KEdit.

The only way I could get my problems to disappear, was by doing the 
following each time:

1. Configure the KDE clipboard to allow complete clearing of the 
clipboard. By default it prevents this.
2. Prepare the location in Scribus where the text was going in advance.
3. Clear the clipboard in KDE, using the utility in the notification area.
4. Do the copy and paste.

For your information: I was copying RTF formatted text from a WINE 
application (Bibleworks 5), into Scribus. However, the oddities were 
still there when I tried to use Kedit as an intermediary between the two 
programs (copying from Bibleworks to Kedit, then from Kedit to Scribus).

>I know theres one on resizing a linked text frame smaller from the top, but 
>the gdb backtraces I get arent of any use so far. It happens so irregularly 
>that its very hard to predict.
>If you can get us some more info on how you are producing these crashes, 
>please let us know ASAP. I know I just finished my magazine off and didnt 
>have a crash so its really a difficult one.
You described exactly when my crashes were occuring: resizing a linked 
frame from the top. I will see if I can find a way to duplicate this 
consistently. I have taken to moving the frame, and resizing from the 

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