[Scribus] First issue completed but scrolling speed is a major issue

Frank Cox melville.theatre
Mon Sep 27 07:30:43 CEST 2004

On Mon, 27 Sep 2004 10:49:45 +0800, Craig Ringer
<craig at postnewspapers.com.au> wrote:
> Would I be correct in guessing that you end up with a large set of
> linked text frames?

Yes indeed.  40 pages of linked text frames.

> I've definitely noticed performance issues with
> linked frames, and I would expect columns of classified ads to use them.

That's exactly the situation.

> Unfortunately, the only work-around I could find was to un-link the
> frames. After that, everything was back to normal. This required copying
> the text out of a frame, unlinking it, and pasting the text back in as
> there does not appear to be any option to unlink a frame without
> clearing its contents.

Sadly, that's not of much value for this application.  As I said
earlier, the objective is to move the commercial ads (each of which is
in its own text or graphic frame or frames as needed) around from page
to page and side to side and whatnot in order to make them match up
with where the commercial advertisers want their ad placed.

Unlinking the text frames would remove our ability to move an ad from
page 13 to page 14 (for example) without messing up the rows of
classified ads.  The whole idea is to flow the classifieds around the
commercial ads, and that's where things slow to a crawl.

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