[Scribus] You say JPEG, I say JPG (they say JPE)...

Chris Smith chris
Wed Sep 22 19:06:52 CEST 2004

File extension oddity.

When exporting a Scribus doc to a JPEG, Scribus uses the file extension 
".jpeg". However, when doing a "Get Picture" to fill a picture frame Scribus 
does not look for the ".jpeg" (or ".jpe") file extension as a valid supported 
format. Yes, the file type filtering can be turned off but it may be 
confusing for some users to then see all files (those not images at all).

If nothing else Scribus should show some consistency and export the image with 
a file extension it considers a valid format so that it can immediately be 
used as the target of a picture frame without renaming or turning off the 
"Get Picture" image filtering

Also, the picture format filtering should probably be case insensitive as 
well. Currently ".Jpg" or any other such combinations where the file 
extension is not all caps or all lower case are missed.

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