[Scribus] Re: [OT] DTP work wanted for Non-Profit Newslatter (Warren Stuart)

Dale dalek
Wed Sep 22 04:49:39 CEST 2004

I may be interested in helping.  I am disabled and a Linux only user if 
that matters.  I would also require someone to proof before 
publication.  I'm not the best typer either.

Mostly depends on how much time I would have to work on the newsletter.


I hope this posts correctly.  Top portion of these things are not English.

>I'll give some more information
>Rosacea Research & Development Institute
>A Non-Profit Organisation Dedicated to Funding Research on Rosacea
>Causes & Treatment.
>I don't have the text yet but here is a pdf that was sent to me.
>http://rosacea.ws.net.nz/first+newsletter+for+rrdi.pdf (220k download)

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