[Scribus] wmf files

Robert Kaiser KaiRo
Wed Sep 22 02:38:48 CEST 2004

>>That said, converting to SVG or EPS (vector) is preferable. WMF is not a
>>really ideal format for a print oriented application. Imagemagik or Xnview
>>can convert it to many different formats
> There are (apparently) a lot of commercial "clip art collection" cds
> around that use WMF format files, though.  It's a lot nicer to be able
> to tell someone that he can just drop the graphic into his application
> rather than having to do X,Y and Z before he can use the graphic that
> he paid for.
> It may be a less-than-ideal format but maybe that makes it similar to
> a doc file.  Nobody likes it but everyone has to deal with it anyway.

IIRC, OpenOffice Draw can import/open WMF files quite well, and it can 
save EPS good enough to use them in Scribus, so that sounds like a nice 
way to me...

I think I converted my logos to EPS that way actually (after I had 
exported WMF from CorelDRAW! a long time ago, when I was still working 
on Windoze)...

Robert Kaiser

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