[Scribus] wmf files

Philipp Wagner lists
Tue Sep 21 22:12:17 CEST 2004

Frank Cox schrieb:
> Are there any plans to support importing of wmf files?
> Alternatively, is there an easy way to convert a wmf file to something
> that Scribus does support?  Gimp doesn't appear to support wmf either.

ImageMagick together with libwmf [1] appearently supports converting wmf 
files to svg (untested).
I don't think that Scribus should support importing WMF files, it's IMHO 
enough if it supports one vector format really good and the most 
important pixel formats (like TIFF, JPEG and PNG). If you want to use 
other file formats, you'll have to convert them before using them in 
That way, you can't blame the Scribus team if some WMF file isn't 
imported correctly (which you can't anyways even if they use libwmf to 
support wmf import, but you won't even try to ;-)), and they can 
concentrate fully on the other formats to support them perfectly.

Just my 2ct


[1] http://wvware.sourceforge.net/libwmf.html

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