[Scribus] Working with PDF fields

Przemyslaw Gawronski pgg
Tue Sep 21 13:22:07 CEST 2004

Hello Scribus users

I'm new on the list (and to Scribus), so for starting I've got two

1. Validating a PDF field. I don't want the cursor to move to the next
field (using Tab or a mouse click) until currently edited field isn't
containg correct data.

I tryied to return 1 if ok and 0 if not ok in the "Validate" => "Custom
validate script" field, but in any case the focus goes to the next

2. Automaticaly going to the next field. I have a few fields accepting
only one digit (a PIN number), I would like the cursor to go to the next
field when a digit is entered in current field. So the user doesn't have
to enter a digit and a Tab.

Thanks for any sugestions

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