[Scribus] PDF import

Manfred Jung mjung
Fri Sep 17 16:34:54 CEST 2004

Hi all

Perhaps I am just too stupid but how do I import a pdf with more than one page in 
decent quality?

I am getting a very bad picture this is what I do:

First opening a picture box
The right click on picture box > get picture
Then I select the pdf and click on open.

Result is bad. (BTW the Scribus Picture box is not distorting the pdf. But it has such a 
low resolution.) If I print the pdf or look at it in AcroReader it is ok and excellent quality. I 
also only get the first page. 

There is also no way how to Copy from Acroreader into Scribus. I can post in 
OpenOffice with excellent result. 

So what am I not getting right?

Using Suse 9.1, Kde 3.2.1, Scribus 1.2 
Loosing my hair fast over this.

Apart from my supidity Scribus is such a great program!!!

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