[Scribus] Turning sideways for press run

Frank Cox melville.theatre
Tue Sep 14 08:59:46 CEST 2004

On Mon, 13 Sep 2004 21:31:42 -0400, Louis Desjardins
<louisdesjardins at videotron.ca> wrote:

> I would suggest making two distinct documents, if possible. At this
> stage, Scribus can't handle multi-sized pages in a single document.

I don't need different page sizes in this document; every page is
actually the same size.  It's just that the orientation of the first
page is different than the orientation of the remainder of the pages. 
The first page is 17"x11"; the rest are 11"x17".  The first page is
kind of a "wrapper" that goes around the inside pages when they are
folded; it's kind of a double-folded newspaper when it's all put
together.  The whole thing comes off of one press all as one job, and
gets folded, cut and stacked at the final stage.

I can work with the whole thing as one single document, but have to
stand on my head to edit the first page.

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