[Scribus] Re: Scribus Nachrichtensammlung, Band 18, Eintrag 35

Robbie Pickering drymartini
Sat Sep 11 12:20:34 CEST 2004

Craig Ringer wrote:

>On Thu, 2004-08-26 at 03:03, Welly wrote:
>> Hi all!
>> New to the list, I'm currently running indesign under windows xp (boo! Hiss!
>> I hear you shout!)
>Nope. I reserve the booing and hissing for Microsoft *ahem*Publisher
>(though QuarkXPress deserves a lot of it, too. EPS output, anybody?).
>> However when I send PDF files to the
>> printers, they require the PDF file to be imposed, which I'm sure everyone
>> is familiar with.
>There has been talk of an imposition plugin for Scribus at various
>stages, but I don't know if anybody has worked on something like that so
>I tend to agree with Louis Desjardins, however, that it's the job of
>prepress/printers to perform imposition. I've never had to deal with it
>(thankfully - work uses QuarkXPress 4.0) as our printers take care of
>that side.

Imposition is something that the printer can do faster and easier than
any of us can, so we might as well leave it up to them. In any case, you
can't provide a generic imposition scheme that will be the most optimal
for any one printer. In general, we don't know what sheet size the job
will be printed on, or whether it will be sheetwork or work-and-turn.
The printer knows these things because he has estimators deciding how to
print the job most efficiently on the machines he has, and if he is
worth his salt, also has specialised imposition software. 

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