[Scribus] Typing directly into a text box - speed.

Derek Harding derek.harding
Wed Sep 8 11:24:02 CEST 2004

That's the solution - merci beaucoup.

> > As a newbie to Scribus (though not DTP or Linux) I'm beginning to make
> > inroads into using this DTP. Presently, I am trying to type some text
> > into a text box directly, without having prepared a text file from which
> > to import it. The process is extremely slow, about two characters per
> > second appearing in the box until the type-ahead buffer is empty.
> > 
> > This is so on three different machines, all of which have processors
> > over 1G and nothing elase (significant) active.
> > 
> > Must I import from a text file, do you think?
> Try right clicking on the frame and Edit Text in the story editor
> Craig 
With regards,
Derek Harding

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