[Scribus] easy way to create booklet?

Zhang Weiwu zhangweiwu
Sat Sep 4 03:56:34 CEST 2004

I'm pretty upset when I read the feature is not currently available 
(will come on 1.3). What can I do now? I am making A5 size booklet using 
A4 paper.

1) create publications in scribus by A5 size paper and make postsript, I 
use some tool to join A5 pages to booklets. This is NG because some 
articles need to cover two pages.
2) create publications in scribus by A4 as if it is each double page 
opened in a booklet (hope my bad English is understandable). This is 
okay for crosee-two-page articles but is there good tool I can use to 
split pages and re-join them in the right order later?

I hope method 2) could work, and if possible, can you show me the 
command to do it (split A4 pages and join them back to A4 pages so that 
printed out it is ready for a booklet)?

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