[Scribus] Bug in Calendar script?

Henry Hartley henryhartley
Thu Oct 28 15:10:06 CEST 2004

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>> Sent: Thursday, October 28, 2004 2:27 AM
>> Henry Hartley schrieb:
>> > There's another one here:
>> > http://www.dotrose.com/misc/computer/cal-tabloid.py
>> > that makes a tabloid (11x17 inch) calendar.
>> Late last afternoon I detected the cal-tabloid.py you spoke of
>> in one of my home directories (must have downloaded it once
>> before) and tried to install it. It runs well, but it makes an
>> English calendar with Sunday as the first day and English
>> weekdays.

The way to fix this is to 1) comment out the line that sets the first day to


since the default is Monday (or you can specifically set it to MONDAY).

and then 2) replace the array of days with one that has them in the order
(and the spelling) you want.  That is, replace:

DaysList =

with something like:

DaysList =

>> > 
>> > The calndrier.py script failed for me with the same error.
>> > 
>> So I decided to make a copy of it and tried to change the names
>> for the weekdays - just in fun, because it will confuse the days'
>> numbering of course.
>> The real problem about it is: when I tried to start the copy, I
>> got the same error message like on the calendrier script.
>> What kind of error does this error message point to anyway? I
>> don't have that much experience with python.

Since a couple other folks have addressed this, I'll leave it.  I don't
really know enough to have answered your question, anyway.  Since I live in
the USA and work exclusively in English, I have a lot less need for accented
characters than many other users.  In the rare case that I did need it in a
script, I'd probably just cheat.  I'd write the script without the accent,
then find the word(s) that need accents and fix them manually.  


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